i'm ignoring the baltimore riots

it seems that no matter how much i try to ignore the riots in baltimore, i can't escape hearing about them.

why would i try to avoid such an important story?

the way i see it, the whole thing is a waste of time. nothing good is going to come of it. no one involved seems to have any idea what the problem is (if that's even a thought that crosses minds) and, therefore, the problem won't be solved.

the problem is socialism. socialism is government control of the means of production. in baltimore, as in every other place, the the means of production in policing are controlled by the government. so, the police do the bidding of the government and the government wants to control and exploit the population. therefore the police act to control and exploit. over time, people get more and more upset about the exploitation and abuse and they lash out. on its face, that sounds like a good thing: people fighting back against their abusers. the problem with that is the people don't understand that socialism exists, nor do they understand what it is, nor do they understand that they should be free rather than have markets held captive by socialists.

if the rioters (many of whom simply use the occasion to do harm to innocent people) were to successfully oust the police force, they would simply institute another government-controlled police force and, over time, it too would descend into greater and greater abuse.

i don't see any way that human progress can be made here. it's one big black hole. if the rioters were principled, educated people who were overthrowing a government, eliminating it and allowing people and markets to run free, then i'd be all over it, cheering them on (maybe even participating). instead, it's just fighting for the sake of fighting and no one's going to win.

i'm not interested in hearing about that kind of negative crap. if you want to learn about how policing should be done, visit this link.


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