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the descent into madness: an idea for libertarians

if you don't recognize that US culture is descending rapidly into madness, stop reading. if you're on the left or the right, stop reading. this isn't for you and you won't be capable of understanding it.

i've been thinking about the cultural decline of the US and what's causing it. the recent uproar over the latest school shooting in florida has finally kicked me into gear to formalize some thoughts. one, the gun debate is absurd. no matter what your position is on guns, the issue is clear: there is no correlation between gun ownership and gun deaths. if you want guns banned, you can point to australia, britain and japan (and their opposites, mexico, honduras and venezuela). if you support gun ownership you can point to switzerland and serbia (and their opposites, alabama and mississippi).

the problem isn't guns. it isn't too many guns and it isn't too few. people commit mass murder with guns, knives, pressure cookers, trucks and whatever they can g…

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