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is morality universal and/or objective?

i have always thought that morality was universal and objective. in other words, that it doesn't matter what your opinion is, morality is the same, for everyone, at a basic level, like 2+2=4. it doesn't matter if you like to write 2+2 in blue ink and =4 in green calligraphy, the fact remains that 2+2=4 is true, for everyone, all the time. even though i have thought that morality was universal and objective for a long time, i never had a good, logical argument for it. i'm going to take a shot at it now.

morality can be defined as the principles involved in determining right from wrong.

property is defined as those material things to which no other person has an equal or higher claim, or to which no one else can be logically assigned responsibility. property might be one's own body, or some other material asset.

property is a constant among human beings. all humans own property: their bodies. this property can never be transferred. each person has sole control over this pro…

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