I punched your mom

well, not yet, but i think you'd be cool with it if i walked up to your mom and punched her right in the lip.

the defining principle of libertarianism is the Non-Aggression Principle. it states that no one has the right to initiate force against another person. if you believe this, then you wouldn't be cool with me punching your mom. but the fact is that an overwhelming majority of people reject this notion.

people everywhere support the initiation of force against others. taxation, regulation, prohibitions, social and corporate welfare, military, police, etc. all rely on one group of people initiating force or threatening to do so against others. if you don't pay taxes, ultimately, they will come for you with guns and you know that from the start. that's why you pay; because you know there's an "or else" hidden in there. regulation, be it social or business is the same. do as we say, or else. everything governments do carry an "or else".

this violates the non-aggression principle. the people who call themselves government, have no right to do the things they do, because they're just people and no person has rights that another person does not. no person can give rights that they don't have to another person who doesn't have them. no amount of votes changes that fact.

it comes down to this: you either believe in freedom, or you don't. you either accept the non-aggression principle or you're cool with me punching your mom.

there's no in-between.


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