a strategy to defeat the state

for some reason, i don't think i've ever posted my preferred strategy for bringing down the state. so, just for the record, i'll document it now. i'd hate to be accused of having complaints, but no solutions!

the most important part of any strategy right now is education. every time someone swallows the red pill, the state weakens. the ideal situation would be to have everyone learn that the state is not only not necessary for civilization, but it is deleterious to those ends. having a designated and untouchable group of people violently exploiting others, like governments, can never be the solution to the problem of people violently exploiting others. there's no way to teach everyone right from wrong. some are so hopelessly entangled in the myths of the state, that they simply lack the ability to escape. the more that we plant the seed of truth, the closer we edge to our goal. don't worry that deconversion is slow and difficult; be patient. all we can do is plant the seed. if the mind is fertile, it will, eventually, germinate.

second is the promotion of civil disobedience. the more difficult we make it for the state to govern, the better. it helps to waste their resources and makes a spectacle of their aggression against good people. so, however and to whatever extent you can, disobey! if you are too fearful to do that, then support someone who's willing and able to take the risks. legality ≠ morality!

lastly we must develop underground markets. black markets, gray markets and anything that encourages voluntary exchange and economic development off of government's radar. the more we prosper while evading the greedy hands of government, the better able we'll be to weather the storm of the state's inevitable collapse which will take the white markets with it. it's called agorism and it can be any voluntary, economic exchange that goes unreported to government.

freedom won't come easy, so forget wasting your time with political action. political action is the opiate of the masses. the state has sown the seeds of its own destruction, at least in the u.s., and now is the time to prepare to move out of the dark ages and into enlightenment.

understand, disobey, evade!

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Anonymous said…
Damn right. Take down the state by stealth. We won't beat it with force!

I think the Occupy movements could be a good vehicle for ramping up opposition to the state. I would like to see more anarchists and libertarians work with them and channel their anger into mass civil disobedience. Get all the disaffected: everyone in debt, losing their home, unemployed and so on, and explain to them how the government (or let's say the government-corporate ruling elite) created most of their problems.

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